On Content Lulls And Future Plans

So as Reki attempts to sort out his own short story and other writing attempts, it falls to me to bring a quick update on my side of things.

And personally, I’m pretty slow when it comes to writing. No weekly reports or anything like that. I simply pick a game that I have at the time, play it, and draft up something for it. It’s that, and keeping up with all the other games and stuff I do which is why I’m not exactly cutting edge on this.

And this month in particular, is going to have a lot for me game wise. I’ve got Ys VIII Mary Skelter: Nightmares, and the one I’m really looking forward to at the end of this month; Blue Reflection.

That’s three new games in the span of two weeks. On top of that, next month has Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online coming out to boot. It’s going to be a busy time the next few months.

But this is a lead in to the next couple things I’m going to bring in. Ys VIII has already been reviewed and re-reviewed to death from what I’ve seen (and seriously, I’ve seen like ten reviews for this in the span of a day. Let me enjoy this blind, damnit!), so I’m going to be focusing more on my thoughts on Mary Skelter and Blue Reflection in the coming weeks once I’ve played them. So you’ll have that to look forward to.

And that’s going to be the plan from here on. There will be stuff done, but not quite yet.

This has been Ray, bringing you the news at why we, as a two-man duo, don’t do weekly content.


(I will at least consider a monthly update post)

Author: Komoto Raynar

Professionally amateur gamer with a variety of interests

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