The Start of the Journey

So, I’ve begun working on a book recently. And by recently, I mean about a month and a half ago. And by begun, I mean I’ve finally started to work on ideas and concepts that I drew up four or five years ago and turning them into some sort of functioning product, even if it doesn’t turn out to be any good.

And realistically, it probably won’t be good. It’s the first project I’ve ever seriously tackled, and I’m basically working out the kinks as I go along. In the short time I’ve been working on this, my style and mindset have completely evolved, and I can see it continuing to do so as I move forward. Which means that I’m constantly going back to the parts I’ve already completed and adding or taking away no elements. In fact, most of the characters I had designed for this particular work have been entirely disposed of, and the few remaining ones have been reworked so extensively that they are nearly unrecognizable, and all the others I’m cobbling together as I go along based on what my expanding plot demands. For instance, one character who was originally meant to be a supporting character in one short story has now become an integral member of the cast for the entirety of the book.

As I write, though, my motivation levels fluctuate. I have a schedule I’ve given myself of writing for at least an hour, five days a week, at 12 in the afternoon. Last week I followed this schedule almost perfectly (writing later in the day on the occasion I went to Austin), but this week I’ve only written for about half an hour two days, and one of those days I started at almost 5 after initially deciding to not write at all. I completely ignored writing altogether on Tuesday. So some weeks I get a lot done, and others I make no progress whatsoever.

Anyway, I’ll be using this blog to make updates on the progress of my book, and to share information related to it as I feel like. Hopefully I can make this interesting enough that some of you will be interested in reading my eventual disaster.

Thank you.


Author: Wombat Lord

I am a not-so-great writer of video game nonsense and, hopefully in the near future, fictional fantasy stories that are heavily derivative and not really nothing you haven't read before. Sometimes I write about music, too, though that ends up looking even worse than the other stuff.

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